Greater Ohio Policy Center partners with municipalities, metropolitan planning organizations, non-profit organizations, funders, and others to achieve our mission. With the support of partner organizations, GOPC conducts the following assessments and activities:

Comprehensive Urban Health Assessments

GOPC collects and analyzes data to explore how Ohio's cities are faring. Paired with local stakeholder interviews, these reports provide a holistic picture of urban health and vitality, as well as give insight into opportunitnies for future growth.

62.4 Report: Profile on Urban Health and Competitiveness in Akron, Ohio is an example of our recent work in this area.

Program Analysis

GOPC analyzes exisiting programs to assess where gaps exist in programming or policy to solve local and state challenges.

We are currently analyzing the feasability establishing a fellowship program to build local government capacity in an Ohio city.

Best Practice Research & Technical Assistance

GOPC evaluates and presents workable best practices in housing, transportation, infrastructure, financing, and more from peer cities or states.

The Columbus and Franklin County Affordable Housing Challenge is an example of our recent work in this area.

Stakeholder Engagement

GOPC builds relationships and convenes stakeholders to share information, support local programs, and tackle policy challenges.

We currently hold quarterly Revitalization Steering Committee meetings that convene representatives from banks, non-profits, and local governments to advance state policy that enables revitalization.

Policy Advancement & Legislative Updates

GOPC serves as a liason to state policymakers, advocating for policies that strengthen Ohio's urban areas and providing information to stakeholders about relevant legislation under discussion at the Statehouse.

Check out our recent policy successes.

To learn more about the ways Greater Ohio Policy Center can help your community, call or email Executive Director Alison D. Goebel:  614-224-0187 or